Where End-to-End Expertise Meets True Integrity

Reliable power for your operations. A trusted partner for your business. With more than four decades of experience in 90 countries, PPG Energy is setting a new standard for industrial power generation.

PPG knows industrial power generation. We apply our “boots on the ground” experience to help customers solve their critical power challenges. Customers trust PPG to navigate unit down situations and increase energy efficiency. They partner with us for mobilization. They call on our team to tackle the intricacies of instrumentation and control. And above all, they trust us to get them dependable power with speed and agility.

From fabrication to field support, PPG is a partner with staying power. Our global team provides 24/7/365 support, paired with a continuous improvement mindset. Because in the world of industrial operations, every second matters–and there’s no such thing as “9 to 5.”

PPG Power Solutions

Vision and Values

Do good business. Provide a great service. Be a trusted partner, not a vendor.


Many companies say they operate with integrity. At PPG, it’s embedded in our DNA. We honor our word, take responsibility for our work and do right by our customers, suppliers and partners.


We’re flexible and quick, but don’t call us a startup. We pair our agility with decades of real field experience that ensures each pivot we make amplifies your results.


Our power solutions redefine reliability. Our team embodies that same dependability. The result is a partnership with staying power.


We work hand-in-hand with our team members, partners, suppliers and customers to maximize value for everyone involved in our projects. We deliver a win-win.

Our vision might sound simple. But if you’ve spent decades in the industry like we have, you know that this ethos is hard to come by. Shifting dynamics, shrinking margins and intense competition can cause some teams to lose sight of what matters. At PPG, every challenge motivates us to keep stepping up our game so that we can serve you better.

Leadership Team

We know power generation because we’ve devoted our careers to it. The PPG team is home to industry veterans with decades of combined experience—and the ingenuity to continue raising the benchmark.

Mitchell Bridgeforth

Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned gas turbine engineer-turned-executive who has spent the last three decades on the leading edge of industrial power generation.


Jason Arcemont

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Arcemont has over 20 years of business finance experience and has owned or sat on the board of over two dozen companies.


Porfirio Roa

Chief Commercial Officer

Over two decades of global experience in energy markets successfully leading, developing and structuring energy solutions on four continents with strong focus on distributed hybrid power and energy optimization of non-conventional fuels.


Daniel McGuire

Director Of Operations

Over two decades of experience working on a variety of OEM Gas Turbine Power Plant Projects after after four years in the US Navy as a Gas Turbine Technician.



At PPG, we’re proof that there’s strength in numbers. As a Python Holdings company, we provide our customers with a wide range of world-class industrial services from trusted brands in the Python portfolio. Let us help you replace the “multi vendor” model with the power of a single partner.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Practices

A project is only successful if every person involved goes home each night as healthy as when they arrived at work. Whether fabricating solutions or performing field maintenance, PPG follows the industry’s most rigorous health, safety and environmental standards. Our internal HSE policies include ongoing training, transparent systems for reporting potential hazards, and best practices for safe industrial operations.

Power Up With PPG

Reliable power. A first-rate partner. Let our solutions fuel peak productivity and profitability.

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