Learn how PPG Energy installs, commissions and operates turbine power plants for a hydraulic frac innovator — and moves them to new sites every month within just 36 hours.

At a Glance

Location: Texas and Pennsylvania, U.S.
Industry: Oil & Gas
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Capacity: 3x 30MW

The Challenge

Our client is a leading hydraulic fracturing services provider. And when we say “leader,” we mean it: The company’s patented technology provides one of the first fully electric, mobile well stimulation systems powered by locally-supplied natural gas. That includes field gas directly from the wellhead.

To power its innovative system and optimize its oil and gas production, our client required 90 MW of electricity across multiple sites. But it didn’t just need that power installed, commissioned, operated and maintained. Due to the nature of e-frac, it also needed a partner who could tear down the plants, transport them miles away and set back up at new sites every month — all within a 36-hour deadline.
For most power generation teams, that would be an impossible task. Not for PPG Energy. We’re the only 100% self-reliant e-frac power gen team in the industry, and we hit the ground running to supply reliable, mobile power at each of our client’s sites in Pennsylvania.

The Solution

To meet our customer’s power needs, PPG Energy supplies and operates three FT8 aeroderivative gas turbines. We install them. We commission and operate them. And at the end of every month, we demobilize, transport and install them at new hydraulic fracturing sites. This complex task is completed in under 36 hours every time, ensuring that our customer can maximize its productivity, eliminate unintended downtime and continue setting a new benchmark for e-frac efficiency.

Installing, commissioning and operating three 30 MW turbines may sound straightforward enough. However, moving them from one site to another without lost time or maintenance issues requires a wide range of experience — and PPG Energy has it all in-house. Unlike other power gen providers, PPG is fully self-reliant. What does that mean for our client? They can count on us to handle every aspect of their power generation project without letting a single detail go unnoticed. Our logistics team has a track record for mobilizing and delivering power quickly. Our technicians excel at engineering power solutions into the field, and our maintenance team knows our equipment inside and out. Combined, these experts deliver a true end-to-end solution. We supply reliable power exactly where and when our client needs it, and we do it all in 36 hours or less every time.

PPG Energy isn’t the only power gen team serving the e-frac industry, but our equipment and expertise make us the best at what we do. Just ask our client: We deliver a 98% availability rating every month using an opex model that helps them keep growing. Because to our team, success is about availability, reliability and, above all else, value to the customer.

The Results

When an e-frac services leader needed three 30 MW gas turbines installed, commissioned, maintained and transported each month, they knew PPG Energy was up to the challenge. We have the equipment. We have the expertise. And with our 100% self-reliant e-frac team, we have an undeniable edge over other power generation providers.

Our passionate, hardworking teams in Pennsylvania come to work day in and day out, completing this complex job on time, every time. Show us another team in the business that can tear down 30MW of mobile power, transport it miles away, perform maintenance and set it back up in under 36 hours.

Do you need reliable power for your e-frac operations? Let us get the job done quickly, safely and at an unmatched quality standard.